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“We’ve lived in Lynbrook for 10 years and always saw the famous Yellow Signs and Pink Postcards, so when it was time to sell, we called the Lynbrook Experts. Michelle gave us great advice on what to do to sell our home for the best price, even advising a strategy change to take advantage of a particular market trend that made our sale faster and more profitable. She and her team were a pleasure to work with-they were all professionals who truly cared about us and doing the job right. We are so happy to have worked with them.”

Prabha & Vaidayi Yellai

San Jose, CA


“We had many of the same questions you are asking when we began interviewing agents to sell our house in West San Jose. We talked to more than 6 agents-many very big, well-known agents in the Valley-and finally chose Michelle in spite of some negative input from friends and other agents. We are delighted that we did.


It turns out some of those negative comments from our friends are what they heard from other people and not even their own experience. Those from other agents are because of jealousy!!


Rule #1 from our own past bad experiences is whoever bad mouths his or her competitors is the one who will do the same thing they said about their competitor.


Rule # 2: watch out for those who over promise and under deliver. Those who try to give deep discount but don't have solid marketing plan will not give good results.


More specifics about Michelle:

She is very responsive throughout the selling process. 90% of the time when I called her office/hotline she answered the phone. She knows this our area extremely well, both potential sellers and buyers.


Her involvement from preparation of the house to signing all paperwork is extreme thorough. She has lots of help but she handles 95% of the important stuff personally. She is fun to work with. After we have decided to hire her, we found out that she is also a Christian. To us, it is nice and important that she and we can pray together throughout the process.


I have no doubt about her marketing ability. She got us way over our asking price and sold our house on fourth day after it was put on market. There were multiple offers. That was very impressive results for the size and uniqueness of our house. She has good strategies to get buyer excited about our house and bid up the price.


We also hired her as our agent to buy another house. On the buy side she is also very patient and not pushing us to bid up price and chase after a deal we don't feel 100% comfortable about. I know some agents will tell a seller that the list price is too high and the house won't sell. To people buying they will say the offer is too low. That is not Michelle's style. She took us to see many houses in person during last few weeks and never once show any sign of impatience. She wrote and presented several offers for us cheerfully even when some of the offers were way lower than asking price.


We are very satisfied with her service and with our decision. I highly recommend her to be selling or buying agent especially in West San Jose area.” 


Albert & Candice Luh

San Jose, CA 95130



“Our friends, Taiji & Meiko Saito told us many good things about Michelle after she helped them sell their home in a down market. Even though homes in the Saratoga Hills can take a year or more to sell, ours needed quite a bit of work, and the market in 2008-2009 was very bad and slow, Michelle was patient and helpful with us. She gave us good advice on staging and presenting the home. She gave us confidence  during a stressful time. After my husband signed the listing papers, he smiled a big smile like I hadn’t seen for a long time. That warmed my heart and let me know we picked the right agent.


Thanks to Michelle and her team’s consulting, negotiating and marketing skills, we sold for a great price during a very tough market for luxury homes and land, we are now enjoying our dream of living in Hawaii. We highly recommend anyone thinking of selling or buying a home to work with Michelle.”

Ken & Noriko Iwamoto

Honolulu, HI



“We confess! We almost didn't call you--but we're glad we did  "We knew Michelle & the Get Re$ult$Team of Judy Carr & Assoc.'s Reputation and Experience in $elling the Most Homes in our area. We'd met them at Open House and liked their Professionalism, Friendliness & Staging.  We almost didn't call them because we feared it would be too expensive. Instead, ALL 3 transactions were Smooth, Successful & Profitable !! They helped us $ell for Great Prices Quickly in Tough Markets--and Buy our Dream Home at a Bargain Price. We highly recommend Michelle & the Get Re$ult$Team to $ellers, Buyer$& Investor$!"


Anilkumar Nair & Anupuma Krishnan

San Jose, CA 95129


P.S. Thanks again for the Free Staging Coupon! It really helped! 



“Michelle did NOT sell our house. But we still highly recommend her!”

 Due to circumstances, it seemed that selling our long-time home might be our only choice. Michelle consulted with us and helped us see all of our options. Interestingly, during our initial consultation, she said it sounded like a part-time consulting position for Bill might really be what we needed…and she said she’d pray for us about it while we marketed the home. We got offers, but not what we expected or wanted…however, Bill did get a consulting job with the right hours, rate and pace to fit our lifestyle.


Rather than try to force us to sell or accept a low offer, Michelle was happy to see how God answered our prayers, even though it meant no commission for her. Her professionalism and grace in this situation demonstrated great integrity—she truly WAS happy for us, and we still keep in touch.


We’ve gladly introduced Michelle and her team to our neighbors, friends and family members who need an experienced advisor. She recently helped one of our neighbors buy a home for their daughter, and we’ve trusted some of our closest loved ones to her, knowing she will show them ALL of their options (not just what is good for the agent), and receive good advice. We even told Michelle we’ll have to put in our will to sell the home with her so know our children will be in good hands.


We absolutely recommend Michelle and the Get RE$ult$Team 100%! “

Bill & Pauline Fleig

San Jose 95129


"When you're ready to Sell...Call Michelle!

She $old My Home in 6 Days…and She Can Do it for You, Too!"


When my neighbor, Andrea Jackson, recently sold her home, she told me about her fabulous experience and great results with her agent, Michelle C. Carr-Crowe and the Get Re$ult$Team. So when I decided to sell for the first time, I knew who to call,

the Neighborhood Experts, Michelle and the Get Re$ult$Team of

Judy Carr & Assoc./Altas Realty.


Wow! I was amazed at Michelle and her team's energy and  efficiency! I especially appreciated Michelle's sensitivity to my fears, problem-solving ability and marketing expertise. Her confidence in, and appreciation of, my home made a HUGE difference in both my experience...and my Re$ult$!


With her team, we were ready in 7 days, with staging services and a virtual tour! We received 9 Offers & Clo$ed for more than 6% over asking price! Her quick work also saved me from additional equity line or bridge loan costs for my purchase. She was so good to me. When I was worried, I would talk to her and feel much better.

I gladly recommend Michelle & the Get Re$ult$Team to anyone thinking of selling.


"When you're ready to Sell...Call Michelle!"

Hsing Hua Wang

1024 Forest Knoll Dr., San Jose


"Michelle, you were just as professional, dynamic and pleasant to work with as your mother, Judy Carr. This was an extremely complex situation and sale; you and your team coordinated everything well with the contractors, as well as the five attorneys involved. It was all done beautifully, on time and on budget—and with the Re$ult$you encouraged us to believe were possible. Thank you.

Ed Cefala

6086 Rainbow Dr., S.J.



"We $old our Home in 5 Days…and You Can, Too!


A while ago, we tried to sell our home with an agent who was a friend of a friend. After 2 months--and a price reduction--it still hadn't sold. This time, we interviewed several agents before choosing the Neighborhood Experts, Michelle C. Carr-Crowe and the Get Re$ult$Team of Judy Carr & Assoc./Altas.


Wow! What a difference! We especially appreciated Michelle's sensitivity to our fears as well as her marketing savvy and strategic expertise. Her confidence in, and appreciation of, our home made a HUGE difference in our Re$ult$!


With her team, we were ready in 14 days, with professional staging services and a virtual tour. After receiving 9 Offers, we Clo$ed in 2 weeks for more than 10% over asking price! We highly recommend Michelle and the Get Re$ult$Team to anyone thinking of selling. 

One Great Agent  = Two Happy Families!" 

Eric Zhang & Natalie Wang

4961 Rio Vista Ave., S.J.



"Quick Action & Fast Re$ult$!"

"Michelle, you and your team were just fantastic! I called and left a voicemail message at midnight, by 8:30 the next morning Michelle was at my home for my free consultation and strategy session, by 10:30 Team Members were here preparing my home, and it was on the MLS by noon that day! Everything with the marketing, showings, open house, offers and negotiations went smoothly and as promised--and my home sold quickly--in 5 days for $32,000 over asking--and closed in 3 weeks!
I only wish I could give you the full 6% commission--you deserve it!"
Andrea Jackson
1028 Forest Knoll Dr., S.J.

You & your team were worth the extra money in commission!"

"After interviewing several companies, including the discount brokers, we decided that Michelle & Judy Carr's Re$ult$ were worth the extra money in commission. We needed--and got--quick action and excellent Re$ult$! The process went as smoothly as promised. The Get Re$ult$ Team Members helped us with staging, details, paperwork, quick, professional inspections, and kept us updated on what was happening throughout the transaction from preparation to closing. Even though it was a slightly slow market, we $old our home with multiple offers--
for Above Asking Price--
and Closed in less than 3 weeks!
Thank you for making our lives easier! It was definitely worth it!
We highly recommend you and your team!
Anand & Shanta Rudrabhatla
1093 White Cliff Drive, S.J.

"We chose the Lynbrook Experts...Why call anyone else?"
"When we finally decided to sell our home, there was really only one choice--the Lynbrook Experts--why call anyone else? Lots of people send us mail or knock on our door and ask us about selling--but over the years, those names and companies change. Michelle & Judy Carr and the Get Re$ult$Team have specialized in our neighborhood for years--and have the results to prove it. Who could forget those famous pink postcards? They never pushed us, just provided data so we could make our own decision about marketing strategy. Our home was in the highest price range for the neighborhood and to meet our goals, we priced the home a little bit aggressively, even though it was a slow time in the market. With the Get Re$ult$Team's preparation and dynamic marketing, we quickly received two above-price offers even before our deadline! The entire process was smooth and efficient. We highly recommend anyone thinking of selling to call Michelle & Judy Carr. They truly are the Lynbrook Experts--
and we have the Re$ult$to prove it!
Ken & Sandy Anderson
5449 Kaveny Dr., San Jose


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